Image: Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

3-D Printers Put Limb Prosthetics for Kids in Reach

A professor from Upstate New York is using technology to transform the world, especially for young people in need of limbs. He shares his experience in … more

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Predicting Seasonal Weather: Fall Predicts Winter

Can scientists predict winter ‪in the U.S. from what happens in autumn, halfway around the world? The answer is yes. Researchers at AER and MIT … more

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Why Math? JHU Mathematician on the Value of Math in a Modern World

Q&A with Richard Brown, director of undergraduate studies in Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Mathematics Math as both profession and course of study can be … more

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Galaxy cluster. Credit: Sloan Digital Sky Survey

Little Galaxy Keeps Churning Out Stars

The recently discovered small galaxy Leo P contains only about a hundred-thousandth as many stars as the Milky Way, but it’s bucking the small galaxy … more

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nature walk

How Language Evolved from Climate and Terrain

Try shouting words into the wind, what sounds make it through? Speech may come with its own version of terroir—like the rounded, vowel-rich Hawaiian language … more

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