Isabel Young: Fermentative Organism Creating Biofuel Using a Photosynthetic System

Hi! My name is Isabel Young. I’m currently a high school junior and honored to be part the Cogito community. I’m also an avid squash … more

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Panda Stalking Reveals Panda Hangouts

Scientists used GPS trackers to learn about the giant panda lifestyle. They also planted a few cameras across their observation area, and one captured this … more

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Dubia cockroach, Blaptica dubia, in front of white background

The Cockroach Beatbox

By dissecting a cockroach … yes, live on stage … TED Fellow and neuroscientist Greg Gage shows how brains receive and deliver electric impulses — … more

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Cogitorian of the Week: KendreaB

In this series, we recognize members making an active contribution to the Cogito community. Hello Cogitorians! I’m Kendrea, a high school sophomore from Oregon. What fields … more

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2015 White House Science Fair

President Obama welcomed young scientists and engineers from across the country to showcase their inventions, robots, and discoveries at the 2015 White House Science Fair! … more

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