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Teen Spreads the Word About the Benefits of Bats

The first time Truth Muller saw a bat, it was roosting in a sun umbrella in his backyard. “We heard a squeak and this little  … more

Project Spotlight, Young Scientists
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2014 CTY Cogito Research Award Winners Blog

Announcements and Updates About the 2015 CTY Cogito Research Award

October 28 Update—Application Deadline Extended The application for the submission of the CTY Cogito Research Award has been extended to Sunday, November 2, at 11:59 … more

2015 Award Updates, Research Award
Clementine Fu

Open for Questions: Clementine Fu, Johns Hopkins Epidemiology Student

Clementine Fu is a student at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, where she is earning a doctoral degree in epidemiology, the study … more

Interviews, Medicine & Health, Open for Questions
Sara Kornfeld Simpson

Take Five: Sara Kornfeld Simpson, Brain Researcher

A high-school student with a talent for playing the flute and oboe, Sara Kornfeld Simpson was preparing for a recital in the auditorium of the … more

Biology, Computer Science & AI, Interviews, Take Five
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Artist's depiction of a  "stellar-mass" black hole. Credit: Aurore Simonnet/Sonoma State University/NASA

Massive Black Holes Can Block Formation of New Stars

Heat from fast-moving particles appears to prevent necessary cooling Massive black holes spewing radio-frequency-emitting particles at near-light speed can block the formation of new stars … more

Astronomy & Space, Cogito Picks, Physics, Science News
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